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IPA Inc.

Who we are

· IPA Inc. is Centre for education and meting place for human understanding and true Transformation.
· IPA Inc. is a platform for all African Children, Youth and their families in Hamburg.
· The Association is registered and recognised as incorporated


Formation & Philosophies

· The Association was formed out of the consciousness for responsibility:
1. Of the integrated Africans living in Hamburg
2. Out of the increase of hatred against foreigners and the high rate of violence
3. As a reason for the fear of the future of the Children and Youth.
· It is the continuation of the over 28 years of integration work of the International Pentecostal-Charismatic Church (IPCC Inc.) for migrants in Hamburg
· To foster respect for the value of the human race through conflict free communication
· A call for mutual understanding for togetherness, getting involved, being a part of the organizing Body and to carry out plans that will be fitting for all. We accentuate that the process of integration is not a One-Way-Traffic
(First graphic photo of the children)

Aims, Objectives, Function

· To have an institution for the African concerns in Hamburg with competent Africans as direct help for Integration
· To have a network for the African led Associations, Institutions and Organisations to share dialogues with their German Counterparts

· Search for Unity, Respect and Common Understanding by working together with the leading German Umbrella Organisations
· To support the socially less privileged migrants with African background
· To educate by eradicating the foreign hatred and violence
· To establish the authenticity of the sense of belonging (African-German Children)
· Counselling for Children and Youth Help in education and professional studies which link to professional perspectives with specific qualifications
· Motivation towards personal responsibility and personal management for the future
· To enhance knowledge and respect as to how to go on with the Laws, Rights to effectively discharge our duties here in Germany.
· "Tracing Your Roots" is a Project to arouse the Consciousness of the African Children and the Youth about the diverse problems in Africa and also encourage them to develop concrete humanitarian HELP for catastrophic situations (Every year we shall organise Youth Info-study Trips to Africa)
(Second graphic photo of the children)

Offers & Projects

· We organise separate women's language course and school lessons
· Info-Eve about German Scholl system
· Open talk about Health (e.g. Aids, Drugs and Youth Alcoholism)
· Symposium about Pension Scheme and Insurance issues
· Employment Strategic-Seminars
· Culture & Social Events, Trips, Holiday programmes and meeting
- Youth Exchange programmes, Youth Café, Youth Music Projects, Street and Summer Festivals etc
- Integration through Sports: e.g. Football, "we play" for Human understanding, Table Tennis "we serve" for a common future; Basketball "we throw" to reach out our hands for Fellowship and Volley ball "we jump" to demonstrate our joy for new Strength and togetherness
· We counsel the Children and the Youth as well as their families with the Aim for harmony and oneness
· To organise Socio-Political Evening Forums with podium discussion with Land and District Politicians

Friends and Sponsors

Do you find our Meeting and Education Centre interesting and love to be active?
We rejoice over your support, your Partnership and Sponsorship.
It does not matter how much you support us with.
We are thankful for small or big

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